Compliance and Policies


We behave in an appreciative and respectful manner. We strive within both the company and the residential real estate industry to build good relationships with all our stakeholders. With our solutions and responsible corporate behavior, we want to contribute to a better quality of life for everyone.


  • Operator obligations:
    In order to ensure the road safety of the land and building stock, this Group guideline basically describes the precautions, regulations and organizational measures defined by the Management Board of Vonovia SE for the inspection, prevention and repair of damage to the land and building stock in order to meet the legal and regulatory requirements for Vonovia’s operator and road safety obligations.
  • Occupational Safety:
    This guideline defines the occupational safety standard applicable throughout the Group. The company undertakes to assess any health hazards in the workplace and to implement any necessary protective measures resulting from such assessments. The guideline thus serves to protect employees from possible risks and hazards in the performance of their respective, individual, daily work, as well as to prevent them, in order to exclude possible risks and hazards as far as possible in advance. It defines the responsibilities and obligations for this within the Vonovia Group. The instructions in this Group guideline support managers in implementing their responsibility in occupational safety.
  • Social Charta:
    Real estate transactions often contain contractual clauses in which the sellers stipulate certain social obligations which the respective buyer undertakes to observe. Vonovia and its subsidiaries have also assumed such obligations in the context of various real estate transactions. Non-compliance with these obligations is in some cases subject to substantial contractual penalties, which may represent a high financial risk for Vonovia. Compliance with these obligations is therefore of utmost importance for Vonovia.
  • Donations & Sponsoring: Download
    As a socially responsible landlord, it is part of Vonovia’s self-image to take responsibility for our customers, society and the region. In addition to its own projects, Vonovia actively fulfils this role through sponsoring measures and donations. These activities contribute to image building and image transfer. With comprehensive activities in these areas, companies such as Vonovia also create value not only for their shareholders, but for all stakeholder groups – i.e. for employees, customers and suppliers, for the neighbors of their operating facilities and for the communities in which they operate. By integrating social concerns into its business activities, the company consciously assumes co-responsibility for society.