5 Reasons to Invest

We are Europe’s largest residential landlord and the long-term owner and full-scale operator of a multifamily housing portfolio with ca. 415k apartments for small and medium incomes in metropolitan growth areas.

The granularity and B-to-C nature of our business are unique in real estate. Our strategy of standardization, industrialization and process optimization makes us the industry leader with best-in-class service levels and superior cost control.

Fundamental megatrends provide a positive backdrop in a regulated environment that safeguards attractive risk-adjusted returns and offers downside protection.

Organic earnings and value growth plus substantial long-term upside potential from acquisitions in selected European metropolitan areas. Low execution risk from track record of acquiring and integrating >300k apartments in eight large transactions since IPO.

All of our actions have more than justan economic dimension.

  • We provide a home to around 1 million people from ca. 150 nations.

  • CO2emissions related to housing are one of the largest sources of greenhouse gas emissions.

  • As a listed, blue-chip company we are rightfully held to a high standard.