Vonovia’s business model is based on maintaining the value and long-term development of our real estate portfolio and on keeping our service promise to our customers. As the leading housing service provider in Germany, Austria and Sweden, we think holistically: economically, ecologically and socially.

In doing so, we focus intensively on the following questions: Can we keep housing affordable in the long term and at the same time expand our portfolio in the most energy-efficient, healthy and attractive way possible? How can elderly people also stay in their homes for as long as possible? How can we support the development of entire urban districts? And how can we ensure that we work under good conditions and can offer our tenants and business and cooperation partners fair and reliable terms?

On the following pages, we provide comprehensive information on how we meet our responsibilities towards our customers, society, the environment and our employees – and provide answers!

“Stable companies such as us are being called upon to take responsibility. For us, acting in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner is an obligation that we are happy to be measured against.

That’s why our new Sustainability-Perfomance-Index is on equal terms with our key financial figures.”

Rolf Buch
Vonovia SE


   Our Path to CO2 Neutrality    

Our Path to Co2 Neutrality

Ca. 1/3 of greenhouse gas emissions are related to real estate.

We are a driving force of the industry and have embarked on a climate path that will result in a CO2 neutral portfolio by 2050.

The energy-efficient modernization of the housing stock and innovative solutions for carbon neutral residential neighborhoods are paramount for achieving climate protection targets.

   Our Material Topics

Materiality Analysis

It is our aspiration to always fulfil our responsibility towards the environment and society in the best possible way. We achieve this by focusing our commitment on those areas that are particularly relevant to us and our stakeholders.

We redefined the material topics in 2020 as part of an extensive materiality analysis. The materiality matrix that emerged from this process replaces the list of material topics that has been in place since 2017.

   Our Understanding of Sustainability

Our Understanding of Sustainability

Vonovia is a part of society. Our business is to provide people with a fundamental need – a place they call home. As a sustainable and responsible housing company, we feel a special obligation towards our more than one million customers in Germany, Austria and Sweden – and at the same time towards society, the environment and our shareholders.

Please sneak into Our Understanding of Sustainability for more information.

   Our contribution to the UN SDGs

We consider 8 of the 17 United Nations Sustainability Development Goals (SDG) to be material to our business activities and aligned with our sustainability strategy.

We expect to have positive impacts particularly on these important goals.

Please find here more information on our Contribution to the Sustainable Development Goals.

   Sustainability Performance Index (SPI)
  • Vonovia has established the Sustainability Performance Index with quantitative, non-financial KPIs to measure sustainability performance in the most relevant areas
  • SPI reporting is audited by our statutory auditor1
  • The SPI is a relevant criterion in the long-term incentive plan for the executive board as well as for the leadership group below the executive management
  • To achieve the target of 100%, all six individual targets must be fully achieved
   ESG Publications and Downloads    

Here you can find our ESG publications and downloads.

   Surveys / Results / Awards