Reputation & Customer Satisfaction
Property Management
  • Systematic optimization of operating performance and core business productivity through leveraging scaling effects
  • High degree of standardization and industrialization throughout the entire organization
  • Ensure well-balanced financing mix and maturity profile with low financing costs, investment grad credit rating and adequate liquidity at all times
  • Fast and unfettered access to equity and debt capital markets at all times
Portfolio Management
  • Portfolio optimization by way of tactical acquisitions and non-core/non-strategic disposals to ensure exposure to strong local markets
  • Pro-active development of the portfolio trough investments to offer the right products in the right markets and on a long-term basis
Value-add Business
  • Expansion of core business to extend the value chain by offering additional services and products that are directly linked to our customers and/or the properties
  • Insourcing of services to ensure maximum process management and cost control
Core Strategies
Mergers & Aquisitions
  • Continuous review of on- and off-market opportunities to lever economies of scale and apply strategic pillars 1-4 to a growing portfolio
  • All acquisitions must meet the stringent acquisition criteria
European Activities
  • Building on existing German operations
  • Measured approach
  • Excellent partners for cooperation
  • Leveraging know how, experience and best practices
Opportunistic Strategies