Financial News

Date Headline
12/19/2018 Victoria Park acquires 2,340 flats in Stockholm and Gothenburg
12/06/2018 Vonovia SE: 9 Month Results 2018: Operating Result Increases in Reporting Period; Vonovia to Adjust its Modernization Strategy as of 2019 in a Move to Accommodate its Tenants (news with additional features)
08/31/2018 Vonovia SE: Vonovia Operationally Strong in the First Six Months of the Year - Improvement to Customer Management During Modernization (news with additional features)
07/06/2018 Vonovia SE: Vonovia controls 66.1% of the shares and 61.1% of the votes in Victoria Park after the extended acceptance period (news with additional features)
06/29/2018 Vonovia SE: Sustainability Report 2017 published: Vonovia achieves renovation ratio of 5% (news with additional features)
06/21/2018 Vonovia announces the final outcome of its successful offer to the shareholders in Victoria Park
06/20/2018 Vonovia SE: Successful Takeover Offer for BUWOG - Vonovia holds more than 90% of BUWOG shares (news with additional features)
06/18/2018 Vonovia successful with Victoria Park offer
06/14/2018 Response to Starwood
06/04/2018 40.9% of Vonovia Shareholders Choose Scrip Dividend
05/24/2018 Vonovia SE: Vonovia publishes offer document with respect to the offer to the shareholders of Victoria Park
05/09/2018 Vonovia SE: Annual General Meeting Approves a Dividend of EUR 1.32 per Share (news with additional features)
05/03/2018 Vonovia SE: Vonovia successfully completes cash capital increase
05/03/2018 Vonovia SE launches cash capital increase through accelerated bookbuilding
05/03/2018 Vonovia SE: Results as of March 31, 2018 Vonovia Makes a Strong Start to the Year and Lifts 2018 Forecast (news with additional features)
05/03/2018 Vonovia SE: Publication of a recommended voluntary takeover offer to the shareholders of Victoria Park AB
05/02/2018 Vonovia SE: Following successful takeover of BUWOG, Vonovia appoints Daniel Riedl to the Management Board (news with additional features)
03/26/2018 Vonovia SE: Debt Financing and Settlement of Acceptance Period for BUWOG Tender Offer Fully Completed (news with additional features)
03/15/2018 Vonovia SE: Vonovia successfully closes regular acceptance period in offer for BUWOG (news with additional features)
03/12/2018 Vonovia SE: Vonovia successful with BUWOG offer (news with additional features)
03/06/2018 Vonovia proceeds with BUWOG offer as planned - FTSE EPRA/NAREIT criterion fulfilled
03/06/2018 Vonovia SE: Vonovia Achieves Record Growth in 2017 and Expresses Optimistic Outlook for 2018 Fiscal
03/05/2018 Vonovia SE: Dr. Stefan Kirsten to step down from the Management Board of Vonovia SE at his own request (news with additional features)
03/05/2018 Vonovia SE: Jürgen Fitschen to Be Appointed Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vonovia SE in 2018 (news with additional features)
02/05/2018 Vonovia SE: Vonovia launches public offer for BUWOG shares (news with additional features)
01/23/2018 Vonovia SE: Helene von Roeder Appointed to Management Board (news with additional features)
11/08/2017 Vonovia SE: Nine-Month Key Figures: Investments Running Into the Billion-euro Range and New Construction - Vonovia Continues with Successful Portfolio Strategy and is Confident in its Outlook for 2018 (news with additional features)
10/18/2017 Vonovia SE: Vonovia and SNI Group - leaders in affordable housing in France and Germany - sign a partnership agreement (news with additional features)
10/18/2017 Vonovia SE: MoU signed with SNI (French)
09/07/2017 Vonovia SE: Prof. Ernst Elected as Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vonovia SE (news with additional features)
08/28/2017 Vonovia Mourns the Loss of Dr. Wulf H. Bernotat
08/26/2017 Vonovia SE: Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Vonovia SE resigns (news with additional features)
08/04/2017 Vonovia SE: Gerald Klinck to Leave the Management Board of Vonovia in May 2018 (news with additional features)
08/02/2017 Vonovia SE: Positive Momentum Continues: Vonovia Boosts Earnings Power in the First Half of the Year through Organic Growth (news with additional features)
07/14/2017 Vonovia SE: Investment Plan for Europe - Vonovia and EIB sign credit line for financing energy-efficient upgrading of housing stock (news with additional features)
06/12/2017 Vonovia SE: 49.86% of Vonovia Shareholders Choose Scrip Dividend (news with additional features)
05/24/2017 Vonovia SE: Vonovia Has a Successful Start to the 2017 Fiscal Year (news with additional features)
05/16/2017 Vonovia SE: 2017 Annual General Meeting: Vonovia SE Pays 19 Percent Higher Dividend (news with additional features)
03/27/2017 Vonovia SE: 93.09 % of conwert shareholders accept Vonovia's takeover offer (news with additional features)
03/07/2017 Vonovia SE: 2016 Fiscal Year Launch of Investment Program Running into the Billion-Euro Range - Successful Operating Business to Form the Basis for Further Dynamic Growth (news with additional features)
03/06/2017 Vonovia SE: Vonovia Supervisory Board Extends Rolf Buch's Contract by a Further Five (news with additional features)
12/22/2016 Vonovia SE: 71.54 % of conwert shareholders accept Vonovia's takeover offer
12/19/2016 Vonovia SE: Vonovia successful with conwert offer - 50% acceptance threshold exceeded (news with additional features)
12/14/2016 Vonovia SE: Vonovia Completes First Series-Production Multi-Unit Dwelling in Bochum (news with additional features)
11/17/2016 Vonovia SE launches public offer for conwert shares
11/03/2016 Vonovia SE: Vonovia Remains on a Successful Trajectory and Is Planning an Investment Program for 2017 in the One Billion-Euro Range - Portfolio Quality Results in New Record Figures (news with additional features)
10/28/2016 Vonovia SE: Competition Authorities clear planned merger with conwert
10/28/2016 Vonovia SE: Vonovia presents Sustainability Report for 2015 (news with additional features)
09/05/2016 Vonovia SE: Vonovia announces takeover offer to all Conwert shareholders to acquire their shares - Conwert Administrative Board in favour of the offer (news with additional features)
08/02/2016 Vonovia SE: Vonovia Increases Its 2016 Guidance for the Second Time in a Row
05/12/2016 Vonovia SE: 2016 Annual General Meeting: Vonovia SE Pays 27 Percent More Dividend
05/12/2016 Vonovia SE: Vonovia Begins Year Very Successfully - Economies of Scale with Impact Lead to Improved Forecast for 2016
03/03/2016 Vonovia SE: Vonovia More Than Doubles Earnings in 2015
02/10/2016 Vonovia SE: Minimum acceptance threshold of Deutsche Wohnen offer has not been reached (news with additional features)
11/18/2015 Vonovia acquires IVV Immobiliengruppe and expands services business
11/03/2015 Vonovia SE: successful business development in the first nine months of 2015 - forecast upwardly adjusted
10/14/2015 Vonovia SE: Vonovia SE offers alternative to Deutsche Wohnen AG's proposed takeover of LEG Immobilien AG
10/08/2015 Vonovia hedges interest rate risks and guarantees synergy effects
09/03/2015 Vonovia SE: Vonovia SE moves up to the DAX
09/02/2015 Vonovia SE: Company being renamed Vonovia (news with additional features)
08/19/2015 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: Half-yearly result confirms sustainable growth strategy
06/14/2015 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE acquires SÜDEWO Group with around 20,000 homes in Baden-Württemberg
06/01/2015 1st quarter 2015: Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE continues successful course
04/30/2015 Annual General Meeting: Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE pays 11.4 percent higher dividends and to have new name from autumn
04/15/2015 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: GAGFAH shareholders can still tender their shares to Deutsche Annington up to 10 May 2015 / Delisting of GAGFAH shares resolved
03/11/2015 Deutsche Annington successfully completes Takeover Offer for GAGFAH
03/05/2015 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: The operational strength of Deutsche Annington is evident in its annual financial statements. Furthermore, the company is investing in housing stocks at record levels
02/17/2015 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: Deutsche Annington secures a total of approximately 93.82% in GAGFAH
01/28/2015 Bundeskartellamt clears plans of Deutsche Annington to combine with GAGFAH
01/21/2015 Deutsche Annington achieves minimum acceptance level for GAGFAH offer
12/11/2014 Deutsche Annington issues hybrid capital with a total nominal value of EUR 1bn
10/30/2014 Nine-month figures: Deutsche Annington continues period of dynamic growth and confirms forecast for 2015
09/04/2014 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: Admission to the MDAX
09/02/2014 Deutsche Annington increases its portfolio by more than 5,000 apartments
07/31/2014 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: Change in the Supervisory Board of Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE
07/31/2014 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: Half-year review: Deutsche Annington increases earnings forecast after strong operating performance and makes record investments in its properties
05/09/2014 Deutsche Annington delivers as a dividend payer with high payout
04/30/2014 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: Deutsche Annington continues its successful development in the first quarter of 2014 - focus on acquisitions and modernisation
02/28/2014 Deutsche Annington delivers strong results for 2013 - expansion of more than 41,000 units in 2014
02/28/2014 PRESS RELEASE: Deutsche Annington increases portfolio by more than 41,000 residential units
11/06/2013 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE further increases its earnings in the third quarter of 2013
10/02/2013 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE completes entire refinancing with successful bond issues in Europe and US
08/09/2013 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE increases operating result in the first half-year 2013
07/17/2013 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: Deutsche Annington issues unsecured bonds in a total amount of EUR 1.3 billion
07/16/2013 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: IPO of Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE is completed with full exercise of Greenshoe Option
07/09/2013 Deutsche Annington offers shares in an accelerated bookbuilding
07/02/2013 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: planned IPO postponed
06/19/2013 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE: Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE announces IPO price range; prospectus approval expected today
06/10/2013 Deutsche Annington Immobilien SE plans IPO in 2013